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Details of Loan Telescopes

The CAA has a number of telescopes for rental for home use, and also a set of giant-sized binoculars.

Suitable for the complete beginner, we start with a 6-inch reflector which is of a size suitable for youngsters to be able to observe with, and four medium-sized reflecting telescopes with primary mirrors in the 8.5 to 10 inch range. These are light and easy enough for one person to handle, and very easy to use. They are about four feet long and can fit across the back seat of a family car to be transported.

1. The Giant Binoculars.

The Giant Binoculars

There is something special about exploring the sky with Binoculars and this giant set take it to the limit with a size and specification that you would probably not think to own yourself. These are 25x magnification and 100mm diameter and heavy enough to require a tripod. However, you should probably try these once as the views they give are uniquely stunning.

1. The 6" Ken Thompson reflector.

The 6-inch Ken Thompson Reflector

The junior member of the range, this 6-inch telescope is small light weight and easy to use with younger astronomers who might struggle to reach the eyepiece on some of the larger telescopes. Dontated to the club by Ken Thomspon after whom it is named, it is a nice place to start out and will give great views of many objects in the night sky.

2. The Alan Walker reflector.

The Alan Walker telescope

The Alan Walker reflector has an 8.5inch mirror. Like all our reflectors it has two modern eyepieces giving a choice of magnifications.

3. The CYA Telescope.

The CYA home built telescope

The CYA Home Built Telescope

This was meant to be a project for the senior section of the Cambridge Young Astronomers. However, that is not quite how it worked, although one member did paint the base. The telescope has an aperture of 9 inches. There is also a smaller telescope aligned with the main tube for pointing. The object lens (the one at the front) for this small telescope was taken from a pair of binoculars. Like all the other telescopes it is supplied with three eyepieces which provide good quality images at three different magnifications. The mounting is simple but adequate and the whole telescope is very easy to use

4. The Mike Delanoy reflector.

The 9-inch Mike Delanoy Reflector

Originally built in the 1960s as a 9inch equatorial, it was given the Vetscopes treatment and turned into a Dobsonian to help ease the demand on the 10". At the same focal length, it is a bit lighter. The instrument had its original optics replaced in 1995 just before entering service.

5. The 10" reflector.

The 10-inch reflector

A telescope with no name was the first - an early Vetscopes instrument which has always proved popular. The mirror was donated by Jim Hysom and being only f-5 it fits across the back seat of most cars. Apart from the odd bit of maintenance and realuminising of the mirrors, this instrument has been in continuous use for nearly a decade and hopefully will carry on for another decade or two.

6. The 10" Jeffrey Barham Reflector.

The 10-inch Jeffrey Barham reflector

This telescope is another early Vetscopes instrument which was owners and operated by Jeffrey Barham, and dontate to the club following his passing. The main tube comes appart into two sections and so it is very easy to manhandle by one person and transport in a small car. As with the other instruments is is a delight to operate.

Terms and Conditions

The hire period is two months and you can book on line or contact Mickey Pallett.

The loan fee for the two month period is 10 from October to March and 5 from April to September.

Please note. These telescopes may only be hired by fully paid up members of the association.

Please note that you must 18 or over to book a telescope and monies due must be recieved before a booking can be confirmed and you will be required to pay for any damage however caused to the telescope while in your care. You should check you insurance cover to make sure it is adequate. The medium size relectors are worth about 400

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