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The Great Central Railway 2017

A welcome return to the GCR was looked forward to by 28 members, only this time most had the added bonus of a second driving session with the DMU that ran in between the two steam locos on a very hectic timetable.
SR 777 'Sir Lamiel' built 1926, 138 tons
LMS 46521 built 1953, 96 tons
BR 1950s Diesel MU

david DMU
David gets to grips with the DMU's controls

A group pose with Sir Lamiel while the others are out on the line with the Ivatt and the DMU

Paul and Martin wait aboard 46521 while the carriages are coupled, they didn't volunteer to do that job - who can blame them, as the couplings are blooming heavy and usually covered in grease!

Brian slows Sir Lamiel down just a tiny bit and goes flying through Rothley station without the (time-tabled) stop, in order to save a few minutes.

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