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On Wednesdays from October to March, in conjunction with IoA we organise and run the Public Observing at the Institute of Astronomy, Madingley Road, Cambridge.

Doors open at 7.00 pm, for a lecture from one of the IoA team at 7:15. See for the list of speakers

Observing starts at 8.00pm, if clear skies permit. To see if observing is on, please ring the Institute after 5.00pm on 01223 337548 and listen to the recorded message. If cloudy there is usually a cup of tea to warm us up, and sometimes other treats such as a tour of the telescopes.

You will usually get the chance to look through both the 12-inch Northumberland Refractor (which is 20 feet long!) and its smaller companion, the 8-inch Thorogood.

Outside on the lawn we will have three other telescopes, each equipped with electronic cameras, and will be projecting the images from them live onto two huge screens.

The CAA team will be there operating these, and talking you through what we manage to track down and show.

Other observing sessions are run as part of our courses or other meetings.

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