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The CAA is very pleased to be able to offer its members the chance to borrow a telescope for use at home. We have one set of giant binoculars and a pool of telescopes and in our loan programme and all are designed to be extremely easy to use, but of course we will be happy to show you exactly what to do.

All the telescopes are reflector-type instruments with mirrors ranging from 6 to 10 inches in size. Each is mounted on a simple "Dobsonian" turntable. To set them up you just have to place the turntable on solid level(ish) ground, and then place the tube into the slot - and away you go. The larger instruments are heavy and need adults to set them up, but the smaller ones are very portable.

You can borrow one of them for periods of two months at a time for a small fee which goes towards the maintenance of the telescopes.

The instruments, up to and including the 10-inch ones will easily fit in the back seats of most cars

For more information with pictures and details of the telescopes and how to book one, click here

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