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About the CAA

Founded in 1959 for people with an interest in astronomy in and around the Cambridge area we have been running for over 60 years! The CAA and CYA cater for all levels of interest in astronomy from absolute beginners to experts, young and old. We aim to make astronomy interesting and fun and we hope to do that for a modest subscription fee.

Today is 05/10/22
Our meetings are re-starting at the Institute of Astronomy - please check the events page to see which ones are going to move back to being in-person!

Speaker Meetings

With Cambridge being one of the leading astronomical centers, we are very lucky to hold our meetings at the University Institute of Astronomy and to have many professional astronomers speak at our meetings, giving us the most up to date information about current research. These are usually held on the third Friday of each month at 8pm.

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See this link for the schedule: Speaker Meetings

Cambridge AstroPlus

Catering for all CAA memers including those aged 11 and up we also run sessions called the Cambridge AstroPlus.

These evenings take the form of four 20 minute talks by our in-house team of lecturers. These are on the first Monday of each month at 19:15.

More information: Cambridge AstroPlus(CAP)

Cambridge Young Astronomers

The CAA runs a special section for our youngest astronomers, ages 7 to 11 year-old known as the Cambridge Young Astronomers (CYA). Here is an example of just one of the actitivies that we put on in this group.

cya image

The theme was ancient astronomy at the CYA meeting, and in the space of half an hour 40 Stonehenges were constructed - considerably less time than the original took!

For more information: Cambridge Young Astronomers(CYA).

Additional information about the club can be found on the following pages

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