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Intro to Astronomy

Comets and Meteors
Wednesday 20th May 2020
Start time : 20:00

Speaker : CAA

Introduction To Astronomy

On line Course


From the comfort of your own home!

Your presenters will be Paul Fellows, Brian Lister, Jonathan Clough and other members of the CAA

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The event will be run live by Zoom - see below for how to join.

Each week we shall have two talks, with a short break to allow you to ask questions or to get a cuppa in between

The themes for the talks each week are indicated below along with the speaker

The first talk will run for 45-50 minutes, and then there will be a break until 9pm when the second shorter (30-40 minute) presentation will begin


Weekly Programme

  • 29th April : 8pm Stars and Planets - What are Stars, and what is the difference between a star and a planet? Paul Fellows

  • 29th April : 9pm The life cycle of Stars - Where are stars formed, how do they die? Brian Lister

  • 6th May : 8pm The Inner Solar System - Mercury, Venus, The Earth and Moon, Mars. Clive Gilchrist

  • 6th May : 9pm The Asteroids. Paul Fellows

  • 13th May : 8pm The Outer Solar System, Jupiter Saturn and The Ice Giants. Paul Barter

  • 13th May : 9pm Pluto, The Kuiper belt and beyond. Jonathan Clough

  • 20th May : 8pm Comets and Meteors. Brian Lister

  • 20th May : 9pm The Search for Planet Vulcan. Paul Fellows

  • 27th May : 8pm The Milky Way and other Galaxies. Clive Gilchrist

  • 27th May : 9pm Interacting Galaxies. Brian Lister

  • 3rd June : 8pm The Universe, its size, origins and fate. Jonathan Clough

  • 3rd June : 9pm Black Holes and the Edge of Physics. Paul Fellows

and it is all absolutely free with no need to book, but you will have to make your own refreshments.

This is a Zoom Presentation from the Cambridge Astronomical Association

If you have Zoom installed already then just click Join Event at the right time, or just a few minutes early.

Otherwise, to get Zoom - follow these instructions

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