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Speaker Meeting

Meteorites and their planets of origin
Friday 17th December 2021
Start time : 20:00

Speaker : David Bryant

It has been known since the 1970s that some meteorites can have a planetary origin ascribed to them: lunars, martians and HEDs from the asteroid Vesta were the first to be confidently identified. Since then new technologies and clever use of them has allowed us to assign planets of origin to an ever-increasing list.

This presentation discusses the background to this work.

David and Linda Bryant have run the UK's only full-time meteorite dealership for over twenty years. Their website 'Spacerocks UK' was one of the first online sources of meteorites in the country.

David has written two books around the subject, as well as over 100 published articles and he has made numerous TV and radio broadcasts.

David still plays guitar and is the lead vocalist in a popular rock and blues band!

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About our speaker:

Following a short and less than remarkable career as a Royal Navy Pilot, David spent nearly forty years teaching and lecturing. His retirement fall-back position was his meteorite and space-flown memorabilia company which has grown to become the largest such enterprise in the UK. David and his long-suffering wife and business partner Linda (both of whom have degrees in Astronomy & Biochemistry) would say that meeting most of the Apollo astronauts (including Neil Armstrong) has been one of the high spots of their lives (although selling meteorites to Marty Wilde comes a close second!). David will bring along his large selection of all types of meteorites and tektites and will have items on sale

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