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A Night at the Movies Christmas Special
Monday 6th December 2021
Start time : 19:15

Speaker : CAA

Sit yourself down in a plush comfy chair with a big bowlful of popcorn and a long cool drink with a curly straw in. Tonight and for one night only, we'll be looking at astronomy and space exploration on the big screen.

How well are these topics represented, or do some film makers take liberties? We'll show you the good, the bad and the ugly.

There will be an intermission for you to put the kettle on or top-up your glass.

From now on the Cambridge AstroPlus incorporates the previous Cambridge Young Astronomers 11+ Group and also officially welcomes any of our members over the age of 11 to attend.

These Cambridge AstroPlus talks are presented by members of the CAA.

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