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Omens of Doom
Saturday 24th April 2021
Start time : 10:00

Speaker : CAA

Omens of Doom

In the past many cultures have seen comets as bringers of bad luck, death and decease. Ancient Chinese emperors employed observers specifically to watch for them, and some important decisions were made as a result.

One emperor even abdicated after the passage of a bright comet. Today we know a great deal about these elusive objects, and so far, there has been nearly 20 spacecraft sent to these icy bodies.

Play the game.

As part of the presentation Brian will be playing all CYA members at once.

To play, just print off the game. You'll need need one dice 2 counters

Build a Model...

As part of the presentation Brian will be demonstrating how to make the model.

Click here to download the model.

Print the model onto double weight paper 160gm (if possible), all you will need is scissors, and 2 split-pin paper fastener.

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