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Discovering the Moon
Saturday 27th March 2021
Start time : 10:00

Speaker : CAA

Discovering the Moon

Surprisingly, Galileo was not the first person to draw the Moon using the newly invented telescope, it was a man from Oxford observing from west London.

We will trace what has been discovered on the Moon through nearly 400 years of observation, since those early telescopes were pointed at our nearest celestial neighbour.

Play the game.

As part of the presentation Brian will be playing all CYA members at once.

To play, just print off the game
and the second sheet, on double thick paper, shuttle
you'll need need one dice one counter

Build a Model...

As part of the presentation Brian will be demonstrating how to make the model.

Click here to download the first part of the model

Click here to download the second part of the model

Click here to download the final part of the model

Print the model onto double weight paper 160gm (if possible), all you will need is scissors, pliers, a glue stick, a paperclip and 2 or 3 large rubber bands!

This is a Zoom Presentation from the Cambridge Astronomical Association. You will be able to watch it on phones, tables, PCs and Macs and all for free.

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