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Star Party

Live observing and talks
Tuesday 26th January 2021
Start time : 20:00

Speaker : CAA

The Night Sky Live

a CAA Star Party

From the comfort of your own home!

Your presenters will be Paul Fellows and Brian Lister

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The event will be run live by Zoom - see below for how to join.

Paul will open the meeting, presenting from the comfort of his home observatory with a short talk about the plan for the evening.

This will be followed, by remote observing of the Stars, Planets, Moon and other objects viewed through Paul's 14-inch telescope with camera linked to the internet.

There will be a stellar occultation by the Moon as it passes in front of Cepheid variable Omega Geminorum, which we will try to observe and time accurately, with narration by Brian with his encyclopaedic knowledge of the Moon.

We will be joined by other members of the CAA who have worked to bring their observatories on line as well, so that we can go over to them for different views.


Timetable and Programme of Events

  • 20:00 : Welcome and presentation of the plan for the evening

  • 20:15 : Moon Watch - narated by Brian Lister

  • 20:45 : The Treasures of Orion - narated by Paul Fellows

  • 21:15 : Short break for refreshments

  • 21:30 : Preparation for the Occultation with our remote observers

  • 22:30 : Wrap up.

  • and it is all absolutely free with no need to book!

    If you have Zoom installed already then just click Join Event at the right time, or just a few minutes early.

    Otherwise, to get Zoom - follow these instructions

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