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National Astronomy Week
Saturday 14th November 2020
Start time : 00:00

Speaker : CAA

National Astronomy Week

In autumn 2020, Mars makes a close approach to Earth, and it won’t be as close again until 2035.

The UK is holding a National Astronomy Week to make sure that as many people as possible get a chance to see Mars, even if only from their back garden or online, and to find out about the exciting space missions to the planet.

The week is Saturday 14 November to Sunday 22 November. Mars will be easily visible in the evening sky, as well as Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon. Normally, there would be observing sessions across the country, but this year because of COVID-19 events are online, so you can join in wherever you are.

If you want to see the full schedule then just click Here

Each day has a theme:

  • The morning sessions (weekdays only, 11-12 noon) are suitable for younger students (7 - 14) and are aimed at schools and home schoolers.

  • In the evening there are talks and observation sessions running from 6 to 8 pm.

Speakers will be specialists in their fields from all corners of the UK astronomy community and wider. The evening session will contain talks (and a panel discussion on Friday) following which there will be streamed observations. Feeds will be shown from all parts of the UK and even beyond. We hope this will inspire those with access to suitable equipment to try their own observations - taking care to remain safe.

University of Cambridge, Institute of Astronomy

In Cambridge, the University and the CAA will run the usual Wednesday night lecture. This week it is "Why do Galaxies Die". This is an online event you can reach by clicking Here
The lecture will be followed by live (online) viewing hosted by the CAA (weather allowing)

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