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Speaker Meeting

Out of this World
Friday 18th December 2020
Start time : 20:00

Speaker : Phil Molloy

Photo Competition

In addion to the talk which will begin at 8pm we will also be running the finals of our photocompetition. The finalists will have been selected in two cataegories, Adult members, and Young Astronomers (for anyone 15 years or less.) and will be presented on screen between 19:30 and 19:45 with a chance for you all to vote electronically at 19:50.

To be elligable we must have received your photos by the advertised time limit which is December 11th, so that we can select the finalists and display them on the website in advance. Please send them to Paul by email

Click here to send Paul an e-mail

Then at 8pm we have our main speaker, with the results of the competition being announced afterwards at around 9pm.

The Main Speaker Presentation

This talk will take you through the process of launching a spacecraft from the jungles of French Guyana in S America. There will be personal stories and photos. It will give the satellite and launch vehicle preparation, the build-up of stress and excitement of a countdown of the launch, the sheer frustration of launcher delays and finally the exhilaration of a successful launch and getting the spacecraft in orbit.

This is a Zoom Presentation from the Cambridge Astronomical Association

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About our speaker:

Phil Molloy is a Graduate of London University. He worked for 38 years in the space industry – working on scientific, environmental, commercial, military and interplanetary Spacecraft. Since retiring he is a lecturer at Herts University and has been guest Speaker on Cunard Cruise ships. He has given talks for the British Interplanetary and Royal Aeronautical Societies.

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