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Star Party

CAA 60
Friday 11th October 2019
Start time : 20:00

Speaker : CAA

  • Celebrate 60 years of the CAA – yes, more cake!

  • Annual Photography Competition - Prizes for the best CAA and CYA photos

  • Big screen Astronomythe CAA four telescope set-up showing 'live' images.

  • Members telescopes - if possible please bring your telescope

  • Finger buffet refreshments - with a large spread of food: nobody should go hungry!

  • Lucky Ticket prize – you could win up to £250 000

  • Cloudy weather programme - just in case!

The CAA was founded in 1959 and has had its ups and downs, but is now a thriving society – we can look forward to the next 60 years. Members are invited to bring their own telescopes and set them up on the Northumberland lawn, where Saturn is making a welcome return to the evening sky in autumn. Saturn, although still low, will be joined by Jupiter and the Moon. As usual we’ll have our projection system working, showing what celestial objects can be seen on three large screens.
Photography Competition. This competition is open to any paid-up member who can bring along up to two photographs with an astronomical object or astronomy related topic, from deep sky, planetary or lunar images to sunsets, statues, observatories, buildings, etc. Prizes; Crystal ball Solar System trophy for CAA winner, and a telescope for the CYA winner. Members attending the star party will judge the entries taking into account whether you’re an expert, intermediate or beginner. If bring photos, please arrive early (from 7.15pm) so that the photos get on the display boards before members start voting at 8.00pm

Star Party Tickets £2.50 for members and £3.50 for non-members or £4.00 at the door on the night

u>Want to Pay Electronically? Send the money direct to our account using your internet banking - click here for details, and then send an email to Brian stating the following,

Name and Address and the number of members and non member tickets or guests required.

Amount transferred and name of your account

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Or you can send the money electronically to our account at Barclay’s Bank.
Electronic transfer to Barclay’s details;
Account number; 10679844 Sort code; 20 17 22
Reference; ‘Party’ followed by your name. e.g. Party Joe Bloggs (maximum 18 characters)

Important. Once the money has been transferred, please send a covering email to Brian stating how many of which type of tickets you need

Or send Brian a cheque made payable to the Cambridge Astronomical Association to;
Brian Lister
80 Ramsden Square
Cambridge. CB4 2BL

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