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Speaker Meeting

The Antikythera
Friday 19th July 2019
Start time : 20:00

Speaker : John Lancashire


John will start by explaining the history of the early loss of the Mechanism in around 70BC, and then its discovery in 1900AD by Greek divers.

He will show how the recent research and X-rays have revealed far more about the construction of the Mechanism and its purpose and then explain the astronomical theories behind each part of it and showing, with the aid of videos, how the theories have been implemented and how the instrument works.

Then he will look at the timeline of the key steps in the development of astronomical theories in the Hellenistic era during the period from 500BC through to the time when the Mechanism was lost and will describe the thinking behind their first models of the Universe and how they evolved over time.

Finally he will demonstrate how his version of the complete Mechanism works and illustrate some of the challenges associate with calibrating it for the present day.

John graduated in Mathematics from Bristol University, where he studied general relativity and quantum mechanics in his final year. Torn between an academic career or a life in business he chose the latter, although he always retained his enthusiasm for science and mathematics. He spent many years working in IT for international companies as a software designer, risk manager and programme director. He retired 3 years ago.

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