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Institute of Astronomy moonwatch
Saturday 16th March 2019
Start time : 19:00

Speaker : CAA-IoA

Ioa Moonwatch

As part of the science festival we will be holding a two hour long session of observing focussing on the Moon, which will be well placed for you to have a great view of our nearest celestial neighbour.

There will be a range of telescopes open for you to look through directly and our usual large-screen projection system will be in operation allowing us to conduct tours around the moon.

The timetable will be such that you can drop in on us at any time from 19:00 to 21:00 as our guide-moonwalks will last around 30 minutes and then repeat at intervals during the session.

Of course, this is all dependant on the skies being clear enough and not droping rain, snow or other materials on us!

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