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Speaker Meeting

The Michael Penston Lecture
Friday 15th March 2019
Start time : 20:00

Speaker :

This lecture is the annual Michael Penston Lecture : Michael was based here at the Institute of Astronomy.

In 1990 he was due to give a talk to the CAA, but had to cancel because of illness. Sadly, Michael died soon afterwards. In March 1991 the CAA held a lecture in memory of Michael, and a collection was made for Cancer Research. By the following year a fund had been set up in his name, administered by the Royal Astronomical Society, to help up-and-coming astronomers establish themselves in their chosen profession. Each year, at the end of the lecture we have asked CAA members to make a donation to this fund.

Tonight we are very pleased to welcome Professor Wyn Evans to give us an update on the progress in analysing the enourmous amounts of new data being gathered by the Gaia satellite.

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