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All Our courses are normally held at The Institute of Astronomy, Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0HA. For directions and a map visit this page. but this year they are all being held via Zoom - more details below We attempt to clear away the fog and help people who want to get into astronomy get started.

Courses are on Wednesdays, and start at 8pm

The 2021 course is now finished

it ran over 12 Wednesdays

from 21st April to 7th July 2021

but it will be back next year with new dates that will be similar

8pm, doors open 7:30pm

This course for those new to astronomy is run by both the CAA and the IoA.

Each week there will be main themed lecture of around 45-55 minutes followed by refreshments and then another activity such as a visit to one of the telescope domes (which a chance to look through it if the weather cooperates) or visit to another part of the Institute to see what goes on there, or another indoor presentation such as a planetarium show.

We aim to finish at around 9:45-10pm

  • 21st April - 1 : The Inner Solar System - Jonathan Clough

  • 28th April - 2 : The Outer Solar System - Paul Fellows

  • 5th May - 3 : The Life and Death of Stars - Brian Lister

  • 12th May - 4 :Shooting Stars and Space Rocks - Paul Fellows

  • 19th May - 5: Galaxies and the Milky Way - Brian Lister

  • 26th May - 6: The Big Bang and Expanding Universe - Jonathan Clough

  • 2nd June - 7: ExoPlanets - The Children of Another Sun - Paul Fellows

  • 9th June - 8: Signals From Space - the Search for Extra Terrestrial Life

  • 16th June - 9: Interstellar Travel - Brian Lister

  • 23rd June - 10: Hawking's Black Holes - Paul Fellows

  • 30th June - 11: Dark Matter - Jonathan Clough

  • 7th July - 12: Cosmic Dawn and Destiny - Paul Fellows

The course is open to anyone 16 and over.

While we are forced into running the course on-line it is completely free to members.

Non-Members - frankly its cheaper to join as a member by paying your £5 and not mess about! Payment method details below.

These events will all be via Zoom Presentation from the Cambridge Astronomical Association

If you have Zoom installed already then just click Join Event at the right time, or just a few minutes early.

Otherwise, to get Zoom - follow these instructions

For more information or to book your place email Paul here

or talk to Paul on 01954 202785 (evenings)

If paying by cheque: Please make payable to the Cambridge Astronomical Association and send to Brian Lister, 80 Ramsden Square, Cambridge, CB4 2BL

Want to Pay Electronically? You can send the money direct to our account

Account number : 10679844
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Please use Reference; I2A followed by your name eg. I2A Joe Bloggs

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Just send an email to Paul stating the following,

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Paul Fellows

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