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Videos of past talks

Below are links to a selection of videos which were recorded from our some of on-line Events - so if you missed any of them, or just want to take another look, now you can watch them by clicking below- are also usually held at the Institute of Astronomy (IoA), coach trips will start from the IoA carpark. We often have a Star Party in September/October and will organise other events to coincide with any unusual astronomical occurrence, such as an eclipse or a bright comet

Num Link
1 October Planetarium Show
2 September Planetarium Show
3 August Planetarium Show
4 July Planetarium Show
5 June Planetarium Show
6 May Planetarium Show
7 April Planetarium Show
8 3D Mars
9 3D Moon
10 3D Solar System
11 Protostars
12 Steam Powered Astronomy
13 Hubble's Galaxies
14 A Brief History of Mars
15 Images of the Cosmos
16 Interstellar Travel
17 Quark Stars and Strangelets
18 Monsters in the Dark - Matt Bothwell
19 Are we dust or nuclear waste - Robin Catchpole
20 Capturing the Sky with a Digital Camera
21 Using your Camera with a telescope
22 Capturing Deep Sky Objects
23 Imaging the Moon and Planets with a Webcam
24 Going Digital
25 Brown Dwarfs
26 Rogue Planets
27 Interstellar Visitors
28 Snake Oil and Other Hoaxes
29 The Northern Lights and Space Weather
30 How Big is the Universe
31 Cosmic Dawn and Destiny
32 Cosmic Dawn
33 The First Three Minutes
34 Dark Energy
35 Cosmic Rays
36 Hawkings Black Holes and the Edge of Physics
37 Apollo 13 by Dave Eagle
38 Karnak and Dendera
39 Fire and Ice - The Volcanic worlds of the Solar System: part 1
40 Fire and Ice - The Volcanic worlds of the Solar System: part 2
41 The Moon: part 1
42 The Moon: part 2
43 Children of another Sun
44 The Life and Death of Stars
45 Once around Jupiter
46 Once around Saturn
47 Once around the Ice Giants
48 Once around Planet Nine
49 To Pluto
50 Beyond Pluto
51 Signals From Space
52 Tracking the Pup
53 Near Earth Supernovae
54 White Dwarf Stars
55 Neutron Stars
56 From the Pendlulum to Dark Matter
57 Snowball Earth
58 Death From Above - Part 1
59 Death From Above - Part 2
60 The Hunt for Planet Vulcan
61 The Elements
62 The Water Puzzle
63 The Chemistry of Space
64 The Chemistry of Life - here and elsewhere
65 Introduction to Astronomy Part 3

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